President’s Perspective Jan. 2014

As the newly elected WSFIA President, well not actually new for it has been over three months I had decided to wait till after our most recent board meeting to include any updates. A lot has transpired in the first short three months. First off, a tragedy hard for everyone to accept, the loss of Jessie Pickett. I feel so fortunate to have known Jessie and appreciate his ability to refresh some of our stagnant enthusiasm for fire prevention, he truly had the passion for prevention. Jessie may be gone but definitely not forgotten for the WSFIA has plans to make sure his passion will be remembered and continued. Good news we have had individuals step up and continue Jessie,s endeavors, thanks to all Area 7 and especially Vern Green.

Next, our Min-Max bill issue, after several years, dating back to Sue Phillips, we had been capable of delaying the inevitable. However the delay was to be no more, I truly feel we have negotiated to the point we obtained the best compromise. I thank everyone for opinions, suggestions and assistance in resolving this issue.

A positive item was the change in our logo, this cost was minor compared to the advantages of now illustrating our full association goals, Education, Prevention and Enforcement.

Huge positive item, our new Training Director Terry Nolen and Assistant Training Director Adam Dorn, I am extremely excited about these two appointments. Terry and Adam have some great ideas and unlimited resources to take our training ability to another level. If you are looking for training for an Area meeting, your local fire department or are looking for fire prevention ideas contact Terry or Adam, contact information is on our website.

Several issues to watch for within WSFIA:

Membership, we are always looking for and promoting new members, please contact your neighboring departments and have them attend an Area meeting.

Certification, as many have heard we have a committee working on a state certification for Fire Inspectors. We as the individuals who will be directly affected need to make sure we have input in both an initial certification and continuing education requirements. Watch for more information in the near future.

Possible joint Michigan / Wisconsin one day training seminar for northern Wisconsin departments.

There are many other exciting and new ideas to look forward to in the upcoming months. As always please contact me or any of our board members with any questions or suggestions.

Be Safe Out There

President Tom Wendt